Monday, 1 July 2019

Preprimary Reading Folders.

All preprimary students will need a water proof reading folder for next term.  If you could have it in to Mrs Young by Friday this week it would be very much appreciated.
These can be purchased at Sea Change.  I have also seen some similar ones at Kmart in the stationary section. 
Many thanks,
Julie Birch

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Week 10 - Holidays here we come!

 As the holidays approach there are a few reminders to share. 

1.  Please take your child's hat home on Friday for a wash. Don't forget to pack it in their bag so that it is ready for them on the first day back.
2. Term Three is notoriously a terrible time for Head Lice.  Check your child's hair carefully over the holidays and be vigilant over the coming term.  Let's stay one step ahead of head lice!
3. If possible, keep your children writing over the holidays.  Keep a journal (a cheap scrapbook is best) and have them write something every day.
4. Throw in some maths challenges here and there too.  All year ones should be be counting beyond 100 and towards a thousand.  If there is opportunity to count big numbers of things then go with it. Preprimary students will be consolidating their knowledge of teen numbers and marching on towards 100!

Bug Hotels
Please send in a bag of goodies for your child to use in the construction of their bug hotel as outlined in last week's blog.
Shoe boxes, cardboard rolls, sticks and twigs, fresh flowers, pine cones, gum nuts, string, wool, stones, leaves, bark, etc etc.... They will all come in handy and the children can adapt their original plans to use the resources they have on the day.

Thank you to Eva's dad for dropping off the pallets that we will use to construct a BUG MANSION!

Farewell Mass
The farewell mass for Father Ian and Mr Wilkie will be held in the school hall this Tuesday at 1.30pm.  It would be wonderful to see some parents there too.  Please attend if you can.

Long Service Leave.
I am presently overdue for Long Service Leave, however I have decided it would be too detrimental for our class if I was to take a whole term out.  I will therefore be taking two weeks only at the beginning of term three. Mrs Trish Dorrington will be teaching in my place.  Mrs Sorgiovanni will continue to support the English learning in Year One during the week and take our class on Fridays.  As it is a student free day on the first day back it will only be seven days that I will be absent for.
I am very excited to be spending some time up north with my three kids and their partners. My elderly parents will also be flying up to join us for part of the time so it will be a very special time for us all.

Term Round Up!''

Listening to Phil tell us so many interesting facts about insects. 

Our preprimay students listening to the Year 5 students play their ukuleles. 

HASS - Creating advertisements for places in Dunsborough 

Science.  Having a look at where seeds come from. 

I love doing Friday duties in the BIG play ground and seeing the great team work happening with our Year Ones and their friends from other classes. 

Children from PPL working with us during our Preprimary Literacy block. 

Coco making a game with her Sight Words. 

Our resident cross country star!  Sienna Bidesi. 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Week 9

Woah! Slow down.  Week 9 already!

Congratulations to all our class members for their amazing performance on Friday. We were super impressed with the cooperative manner in which the children planned and rehearsed for their assembly and it was heart warming to see their little smiles of self satisfaction on the day.

Design and Technology.  Year One and Preprimary. 
On Wednesday of Week 10 the children will be building Bug Hotels.

This is the culmination of both out HASS and Science Programmes for term 2.  In science we have looked at insect features and the importance of insects to our ecology and in HASS we have looked at needs, shelter - constructed - being one of them.
The children will design their bug hotel this week and review their design and build it next week.
For this activity we will need small sticks, pine cones, gum nuts, bark and something to form a frame around the outside of the Bug Hotel. Plastic bottles, Fly wire, toilet rolls, old frames, old small wooden boxes etc, etc. would be great.
Please have a bag of goodies for your child ready for Wednesday WEEK 10.
The children will bring a copy of their design home on Wednesday afternoon to show you what they may need.
Some parent helpers would be very handy next Wednesday when we are in the construction phase so if you think you may be free then let us know.

As a group project we would like to build a Bug Mansion near our vege garden.  For this project we will need some pallets. If you can access some we would love them.

Farewell Assembly For Mr Wilkie.  1.30pm  Friday.
Sadly Mr Wilkie has only two weeks left with us!  There will be a farewell assembly this Friday at 1.30pm in the hall focused on Mr Wilkie's amazing career.
On Tuesday afternoon Week 10 there will be a Mass for both Mr Wilkie and Father Ian.
Please check the newsletter for details. 

Coughs and Colds.
So far we have done well on the cough and cold scale with very few absentees.  Just a reminder to keep your child at home if they have a very 'wet' colds.  They spread like wild fire and we really want all our little people to be fit and well for their well deserved holidays in a few weeks time.

A reminder that your child will receive a report on the last day of term.  Please check their bags when they get home to make sure it is safe and sound.  Reports are not given out prior to 3pm on the last Friday of term.  If your child is away reports are posted.
Year One reports are now graded A, B,C and D.  These marks are taken from the Judging Standards and all marks are moderated against both our other Year One class and like schools.
Most children will receive C's as this is the expected level of achievement. Monique, Gemma and I have spent considerable time levelling and moderating across the cohort.
Likewise, Kristie and I have spent much time moderating across the preprimary cohort.
The preprimary marks are graded differently.  Their marks are against an end of year achievement standard so it is highly likely that they will receive a 'working towards' level.
If you have questions about your child's report then please book a parent/teacher meeting at your convenience.

Have a wonderful week,
Kind regards,
Julie Birch and Gemma Sorgiovanni 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Week 8

Performance Assembly
Don't forget... it is our performance assembly this Friday. All class members need to arrive at school by 8.40am dressed in their costume (costume requirements according to the letter that went home early last week).
Please pack school uniform in your child's bag or, if possible, wear school uniform under the costume.
We ask that parents don't over excite their children about the assembly. Cool and calm is best.
We also ask that parents kiss and drop.  It  is a good idea to go and get a good seat early! Oh... and buy a coffee and support our P&F fundraising.
Year One students all had lines to learn and should have these down pat by Friday.  (We will cue them if need be but we expect them to have had a go at learning their lines).
According to guidelines set this year by the staff, our assembly is short and sweet.  The children have been active in writing the script, selecting the song, organising the stage layout and planning roles and dialogue. They are very proud of what they have done... as are we. 😊😊😊

A big thank you to Jess Dodd and Elisha Manuel for helping out with the creation of an amazing spaceship for our aliens.  🎕🎕🎕🎕👽

Rice Day
This Friday is also Rice Day.  This is a way that the children can mark World Refugee Week and have an idea of what it is like to be  a refugee.
Information on this day is in the newsletter.  Please let Mrs Birch know by Wednesday afternoon if your child is participating.
Your child may wish to contribute a coin to the Caritas box on our Prayer table on Friday to help support people in need.

Please make sure that you have added your name to classroom rosters. This week we have had no helpers for Preprimary Literacy and one for Year One.
Parent help in invaluable and we really appreciate it when you come along and give a hand.

Amazing Work

In both year one and preprimary there has been some amazing learning taking place.  Very soon I will post some photos to show our little Einsteins in action.

Parent Interview. 

Just a reminder that if we have had parent teacher interviews and suggested follow up meetings then please make a booking to see us in Week 9.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Week 6

My how the weeks are clocking up!
We hope you all had a wonderful l-o-n-g weekend.  The weather was certainly glorious and Dunsborough was buzzing with people and activity.

Just a few reminders this week.


Help.  I need a big box with a lid.  Big enough for two children to sit in.  Does anyone have a oven/fridge box or something similar?  If you do can you let me know and drop it up this week please.

If you know that you will be away for our assembly on the 21st of June then please let me know so that I can plan around it.


There are a lot of sick little people around at the moment. Lets work as a team to keep the bugs away!  If your child is sick then they should be at home.  I know this is hard if you are working but it is best for all of the children. 

Year One Mental Maths. 
We are a little out of kilter with our maths homework.  Please try and complete Unit 5 for this Friday.
The mental maths books that were handed in last Friday are on the desk mats ready to go home tomorrow. 

Preprimary Reading. 

Some children who are ready for home readers will receive them very soon. Please read the letter in the journal and come and see me if you have any questions. 
Most children will not receive a home reader until next term.  We will not give them out until the children display the necessary prerequisite skills as having readers too early can extinguish the love for reading that we are trying to build.  

Preprimary Numbers. 

Please find opportunity to practise counting up to 20 and backwards from 20.  The pres should now be recognising the teen numbers and be able to make them with concrete materials.

Classroom Rosters.

Don't forget to put your name on the PMP and  Literacy Block rosters. WE NEED YOU!

Wishing you a happy week,
Julie Birch 

Monday, 27 May 2019

Week 5

PP1B Performance Assembly 

This will occur on Friday the 21st of June and will highlight learning from both Year One and Preprimary.  Information on costuming will be sent to you two weeks before the event but rest assured we plan on keeping it simple!

Preprimary Gathering Time Journal Writing

This is when parents will talk to their child about what they want to write and help them to orally construct a sentence that they will attempt to write down. When the children are attempting to write their sentence parents will need to help their child listen to the most obvious sounds in words. The emphasis is NOT on correct spelling, the emphasis is on representing the sounds they can hear. e.g. an attempt at writing 'I liked the weekend' may look like 'i l w' or 'i likd weknd'. The children may be reluctant to have a go at writing to begin with so please give lots of encouragement and praise for any attempts they make. Once they have 'written' their sentence and drawn a picture, parents can scribe underneath what was written. 
When parents provide correct spellings continuously the children become reliant and therefore reluctant to have a go and experiment with their own knowledge.  This severely impeded the writing process. 

The Insect Man Incursion
Today we were lucky enough to have Phil Moore from Perth visit us and share his amazing knowledge of insects with the children.  Phil is a grandfather himself and has a lovey way of talking to the children.  They were captivated by his stories and loved seeing the amazing collection of mini beasts that he brought with him.  The insects included giant stick insects that were bigger than a man's hand, katydids, tadpoles, cockroaches, spiders and mealy worms.  Phil also had a huge array of dead insects, exoskeletons and cocoons for the children to view with magnifying glasses.  It was one of the best incursions I have seen for a while!

Year 5 Ukulele Presentation.
Another highlight today was listening to the Year 5 cohort play their ukulele's!  They were very clever and played Mr Clickety Cane and When the Lion sleeps. 

Sooo.... when you asked your child what they did today.... I hope you got a good detailed description of the events of the day. 

Oral Language
Just a reminder that strong oral language is a precursor to success and confidence with the development of writing skills.  
If your child is not a talker .... get them talking.  Ask questions. Model good, clear speech with the correct tense. Try to avoid colloquialisms and use a a wide range of vocabulary.  

PMP Roster

Help! Help! Help!  Our roster for PMP is looking very sad! We need your help on Thursday afternoons 1.30pm - 3.00pm.  
PMP is a wonderful programme that builds the body and the brain.  Please get involved - you will love it too.  

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Birch and Mrs Sorgiovanni. 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Week Four

Good Evening to all.

Wow! What a busy term we have had so far.  There has been a huge amount of learning taking place for both the Preprimary and the Year One students.


 Last week the Year Ones were introduced to Mathletics.  This week the Preprimary students will be introduced. Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. The courses are aligned to Australian Curriculum Mathematics outcomes across the primary and secondary years, matched with dynamic tools and reporting for teachers. Mathletics supports and caters to each teacher’s unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction.
In PP1B Mathletics will be used to support classroom learning.  The children will be allowed one 30 minute or two fifteen minute sessions on the iPads for mathletics each week.  Whilst we see technology as a strong learning tool we prefer the children to be engaged in hands on, intrinsically engaging activities.
Mathletics is not a home use programme. 

Reading Eggs
The children have already been working on Reading Eggs for a while now and are using it well. Preprimary parents will soon receive log in details so that they can also work on Reading Eggs at home. 
We work on the Preprimary students having one 15 - 20 minute session a week on Reading Eggs. 

Stick Insects. 

Have you met Elvis and Twiggy yet?  Our stick insects arrived last weekend and the children have loved viewing them.  We haven't touched them yet while they settle in but as of this week the children will have some supervised access to them.  We ask that you keep little siblings away from them. 

If anyone has an unused aquarium we would love it!  The present enclosure for the stick insects is hard to see through and we want the children to observe the insects. 

We are also observing snails.  We could do with a few more.  If you have any that you could bare to part with then send them in please. 

Reminders for this week.

Wednesday – Book Fair.  8.00-4.00 in the library.
Thursday –    Book Fair   8.00-4.00 in the library 
Friday –         Pupil Free Day: Brightpath PD

Parent Help Rosters. 
PRE PRIMARY PARENTS  Please put your name on the parent help Rosters.  WE NEED YOU!  This includes the Thursday afternoon PMP roster. 

Possum Magic. 

It came to my attention during the week that Possum Magic - They play is showing at BREC in Bunbury.  This would have made a great excursion for our little people from both classes as we have studied the author Mem Fox last term.  However the logistics of getting the children there made it all a bit too tricky to achieve.  However you may like to take advantage of this a a great family outing.  Please see information below.

Have a lovely week,

Julie Birch and Gemma Sorgiovanni.