Sunday, 10 November 2019

Term 4 Week 5

Well we are officially past half way of Term Four at the end of this week.  The teachers are busy completing further assessments over the next fortnight to inform our reporting so please ensure that your children have don't have unnecessary days off. 
Last Thursday the Preprimary students were involved in learning that was suitable for World Outdoor Classroom Day.  It was a beautiful day and the children absolutely loved being outdoors. They participated in a variety of activities that had formal learning intentions achievable through play and investigation. 

Our maths investigations continued on this week.  Take a look at these enthusiastic learners!

The preprimary students explored counting backwards! It was a challenge, especially from 100, but they persisted and made it happen! In fact many of them didn't want to stop and Harrison and Lucy asked to come back at  lunch time so they could further their investigation.  Check out the proud smiles. 

The Year Ones worked in teams to gather their own data and create their own bar graphs.  Wow! What powerful and highly collaborative learning took place!  I was so proud of them! Way better than a worksheet!!! 

Don't forget Walkie, Wheelie Waste Free Wednesday again this week.  PP1B are doing really well so far - keep up the great work! 

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Term 4. Week 4.

Woah! Slow down!  This term is zooming past!

I am so proud of all the amazing members of PP1B who are all working so hard in class and achieving their own personal reading, writing and mathematical learning goals.
There has been some SUPER learning in class as our Pre primaries put into use their incredible writing skills to show that they can COMMUNICATE via the written word.  In Maths they have been experimenting with number to 100(and beyond if they are interested!).  They have been counting not only forwards but backward too and... skip counting.  Way to go guys!

Our wonderful Year Ones have been learning the fine art of persuasive writing.  (I have encouraged them to use their skills at home too - so hopefully mums and dads haven't been overly challenged!)
They will finish their published copies of their persuasive letters this week and we will put them up for you to see. In maths they have just finished a unit of work on place value looking at the number system up to 1000! (and beyond if they are interested!).  They are presently looking at the collection and organisation of data.  This involves creating tallies, making graphs and interpreting them. 
Maximus told me how much he loved doing this work - perhaps he will be a data analyst one day!

Thanks parents for assisting your child to make their collection of 100(pres) or 1000(ones).  The children had so much to tell their class mates about how they counted their collection.  It was interesting that skip counting by 10s and 100s suddenly had real purpose!

Ones and pres have been working together on science and religious education projects over the last two weeks and have loved the process of teaming up.

Things to remember this week!

Walkie, Wheelie Waste Free Wednesday.
THANK YOU all for your support with this challenge. PP1B are doing really well and are keen to win that free excursion!  Don't forget its on again this Wednesday!

Healing Mass for Mr Hogan
For those of you who are unaware our groundsman Mr Hogan has been very ill and is receiving treatment in Perth at present.  There will be a healing mass for him on Friday morning at 9.30am in the church. A few children from our class will be reading prayers of the faithful.  I will inform them tomorrow and they will bring home the reading to rehearse. If your child has been asked to read but is uncomfortable with this then please let me know.

Composite Class Meeting.  Wednesday 2.30pm 
There will be a meeting led by Mr Lee in the library on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm to discuss plans for next years groupings. Please attend if you feel the need.

I have had very little comment or feedback from our parents this year in regard to the composite grouping.  If there is anything you would like me to clarify before going to the meeting then please feel free to send me an email and hopefully I can answer your questions so that you can make informed comment or inquiry at the meeting. 

From a teacher's perspective I must say that whilst it has been hard work, it has been a wonderful experience and very rewarding.  The gap between Preprimary and Year One is quite large, especially at the beginning of the year, which has necessitated a lot of planning and organisation.  The children have coped well in the class and all children have had opportunity to let their own little lights shine and their specific individual needs have been attended to.  Our ones have benefited from the opportunity to take lead roles and be mentors for their younger class mates. Our Pres have loved their gorgeous role models and welcomed opportunity to extend their thinking when exposed to higher level discussions and experiences. 
Both Preprimary and Year One students have had plenty of opportunity to interact with the rest of their cohort in the other classrooms. The Year Ones are now remaining in PP1B for the writing section of their morning timetable but mix for PLD and Guided reading to allow for differentiation in their learning needs for reading and spelling. 
All in all it has been a great experience and I will be sad to see the year end. 

Monday, 28 October 2019

Week 3. Grandparents Day and More.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Grandparents who came to visit today.  We loved having you!

Just look at the smiles on the children's faces. 

Reminders for Week 3. 

Don't forget Walkie Wheelie Waste Free Wednesday.  PP1B did really well last week. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain on Wednesday.

Friday we will be holding a ‘Rock your socks off’ dance party during the lunch break for Socktober to mark World Mission Month with the theme "Do not Fear I am with You". Children are invited to wear crazy socks and make a gold coin contribution on the day to raise money for Catholic Mission Australia. 

Have a great week!
Mrs Birch 

Monday, 21 October 2019

Term Four - Week Two.

Dear Parents,

Thanks for supporting your children in their return to school for Term Four.  They are all very settled, happy and working really well!

Some reminders:

Classroom Parent Help Roster
Please put your name on the help roster for at least one day this term.  Your help is very much appreciated. 
Building Opening Ceremony
The latest building programme will be officially opened and blessed by the Bishop this Friday.   Debra Sayce from the CEO and Adele Farina, local politician, will be attending. Please see the newsletter for further information. 

Year 6 Confirmation 
The Year Six students will receive the sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday night at 6.00pm. The support of school families is always welcomed at these special occasions. 

Change to Assembly Time for Term 4 - Just a reminder that we are trialling a new time 
for Assembly this term, beginning at 2.15pm. 

Wheelie, Walkie, Waste Free Wednesday's - Starting this week and running through to Week 5 students are asked to walk or ride to school on Wednesdays and bring nude food lunch boxes in an effort to support our school sustainability programme. There is a class challenge and we would like PP1B to participate fully in these activities. There will be points allocated to each child who walks or wheels to school and points also for lunch boxes free of plastics and using sustainable wrappings (eg beeswax wrappers). So... please avoid cling wrap, tin foil and products in plastic wrappers. 

Year One Homework

Targeting Mental Maths: We will continue to complete one unit per week this term. All students should have completed up to unit 19 by this Friday.

Home readers will continue to be swapped each Tuesday and Thursday.  Please ensure that your child reads their reader at least twice and has it in the red box ready for swapping on the appropriate days. 

Sight Words will continue as per the rest of the year.  Please do not relax with Sight Words.  Your child will require repeated practise in order to maintain constant recall of reading and spelling. 

Grandparents Day
Grandparents are invited to come and visit on Monday 28th October, please let them know if you haven't already! This is a very special day for the students and we hope that as man grandparents as possible can attend. Please watch the newsletter for further details.

Have a lovey day,
Mrs Birch 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Term Four - Week 1.

A big welcome back to everyone for Term Four.  We hope that you have all had restful holidays and lots of great family time. 
We have a busy term ahead and organisation will be paramount to a successful finish to the amazing year we have had so far. 
Parents we ask you to be aware of what is happening in the classroom and make sure that your child is organised for special events. Please read the BLOG which is usually posed each Sunday or Monday night.  Also read the school newsletter and check the school calendar which can be found on the school website. Classroom Face Book pages are also a great way to keep up to date with what is happening. 
The news roster has already been posted so please scroll back one posting to see it. Year Ones will not need to use the news bag this term but are expected to use a full recount format when sharing unless otherwise stated on the topics roster below the roster itself. 
Please do not allow your child to bring in toys unless it is their birthday and then please only send small and less valuable items. 

This term we will be going 'Around the World' and looking at cultural traditions in the lead up to Christmas celebrations. We will be reading and exploring fairy tales and literature from around the world.  
Felix has been to Japan over the holidays and he will be sharing his experiences with the children this week. Luckily for Felix he boarded his flight home just before Super Typhoon Hagibus hit Tokyo and this will make for some good conversation when we learn a little more about weather this term.

Felix at Perth Airport waiting to fly to Japan. 

Felix at the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo and watching out from the train window in Hokkaido in the hope of seeing a Japanese Fox. 

Later this term the Preprimary students will attend an excursion to the Chinese Restaurant in Dunsborough to experience some authentic Chinese Cuisine and we are hoping to have a multicultural Christmas lunch in the last week of school. 
In mathematics we will be exploring bigger numbers, reviewing place value, skip counting, patterning and looking at sharing and early multiplication.  
This learning will be differentiated across both year groups according to the needs of individuals. 

Maths Project.  
Preprimary.  We would ask that in Week 2 all preprimary children bring in a collection of 100 objects.  These objects may be anything that fit into a large clip lock bag. They may be stones, bean seeds, buttons, paperclips etc. These bags will be displayed under the header... What does 100 look like? 
Year One. Will do the same but will need to find 1000 objects. Ideas may include rice grains, gravel stones, macaroni noodles, etc etc.  We welcome some creative thinking!  These bags will be displayed under the header.  What does 1000 look like? 
Please supervise your child in counting these objects to ensure accuracy. 

A HUGE Thank you to the amazing parents that created the Billabong in our Preprimary playground during the holidays.  You are absolutely the best!  When I began teaching Pre primary five years ago I saw the need for a playground update....Five years later these parents have made it happen.  The children are going to absolutely love it .... and the teachers too! 
Oh.. and don't worry Year Ones will get to use it sometimes too. 

A reminder that if your child is absent from school they will miss out on valuable learning. This will then be reflected in their final grades for the year.  Please do not keep your child home unless they are really unwell and in reverse please do keep them home if they are really unwell... as it is best not to share germs. 
Please fill in absentee slips on the day your child returns.  We would prefer one absentee slip for the five days a child is away rather than 5 individual ones - as each one has to be entered individually into the system. 

Parents please put your name on the parent help roster and take a note of when you have said you will be in the classroom. 

See you tomorrow,
The PP1B Team. 

Sharing Roster - Term Four.

Sharing Roster
Term Four
1, 3, 5, 7,9.
2, 4 6, 8,9.


Weeks 1 & 2      Holiday experience. Recount format.

Weeks 3 & 4      My favourite fairy tale.  What is it?  Why is it their favourite.  Why would they recommend it?

Weeks 5 & 6      Persuasive argument.  E.g.  Cats are better than Dogs. Dogs are better than cats. Note to follow. 

Weeks 7 & 8      5 minute presentation on a country of student’s choice.  Geographic location. Food. National Costume. Music etc.
 A note will be sent home giving more detail about this.  Please note it would be best to talk about a country they have been to or are going to.
 It would be quite OK to do a holiday destination in Australia.

Week 9              Free Choice. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Wonnerup House Excursions

Thank you Shannon Peterson for the delightful photographs taken at our Year One excursion to Wonnerup House. 
Thanks again to all the wonderful mums and dads that came along to help out on the day.